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Specialising in the manufacturing, supplying and installation of 100% Polycarbonate Double-Sided UV-Protective Awnings

If you are looking for a cost effective and attractive solution to beautify and protect your home or office from the outside elements, our awnings are ideal. They offer sun, rain and hail protection. The materials used offer 99% UV protection, there is the option of complete shade or to still allow natural lighting to come through.

We are the only awning company offering installations of up to 3 meters of awning without support.

3 Meters with no support

We are the only awning company offering these installations of up to 3 meters, with no support.

Our Guarantee

Our UV Protected Sheets carry a 10 Year Guarantee, and the brackets all carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

Safety Measures

When doing installations we adhere to the strictest Personal Protective Equipment safety guidelines.

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Glass Awnings

The toughened safety glass meets the requirements of SANS1263-1 and provides thermal resistance and an additional resistance to wind load.